About Velia

We’re taking a different approach

We’re harnessing the therapeutic potential of a previously overlooked, yet abundant class of human proteins.

Timeline to Velia Build
Velia formed!
The Column Group and Foresite Capital begin assembling founder team.
Chen et al found multiple microproteins encoded in upstream open reading frames and revealed the use of functional bicistronic operons in mammals (Science 2020).
Ribosome profiling provides evidence that translation occurs outside of protein-coding genes. In Nat Rev Genet (2014) Ingolia detailed studies providing new insights into the identity and the amount of proteins that are produced by cells.
Mission Statement

Where most biotech companies find new approaches to drug known targets, Velia is uncovering novel biology.

Our mission is to harness the therapeutic potential of a newly identified, yet abundant class of human proteins​. Our strategy is to discover and characterize disease-relevant proteins across the human proteome​ and generate first-in-class, transformative therapeutics. Our unique approach combines deep founder expertise in protein discovery, functional genomics, and AI to unveil important therapeutic nodes.

Leadership Team

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President and CEO
John McHutchison, AO, MD
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Chief Business Officer
Michael York

Our Founders

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Eric Olson, PhD
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Alan Saghatelian, PhD
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Richard Scheller, PhD
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Jonathan Weissman, PhD
This team is proudly supported with capital, advisors, and resources from The Column Group & Foresite Capital.
Let's Work Together
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