SVP, Head of Biology

Han Xu, PhD

Han Xu, Ph.D. is an experienced executive and scientist in the biotech industry with a focus on therapeutic and translational science. Currently, she serves as the SVP, Head of Biology at Velia. Prior, she served as a Vice President at A2Biotherapeutics. At A2 Bio, she oversaw the development of multiple preclinical programs, leading the company’s first autologous clinical candidate to successful IND filing.  In addition, she supervised the development of A2Bio’s first allogeneic program in collaboration with Merck. Previously, she worked at Amgen, Inc. in various leadership positions, leading multiple projects from early development to preclinical stage, and implementing cutting-edge technologies to streamline target identification, validation, and mechanistic studies.  Han has completed her Ph.D. training from Rice University, and co-authored numerous scientific publications ranging from drug discovery technology, stem cell/genome editing application in drug discovery, as well as immuno-oncology therapeutics.